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Litigation Consulting

Expert Advice & Testimony

Providing expert opinion to attorneys or other legal professionals and providing expert witness testimony in judicial proceedings is litigation consulting. The litigation consultants at FRA use their expertise to help clients understand the financial aspect of the legal process, develop litigation strategies, and prepare for trial. Clients who hire us for these consulting services can typically save time and money in the long run. Our history demonstrates a solid track record for helping our clients reach a resolution in their cases.


Secure the best possible outcome with FRA’s expert litigation consultants, with services including:​​

  • Case strategy collaboration

  • Trial preparation and presentation

  • Expert witness testimony

Examples of the most common litigation consulting work we’ve completed to date include the following:

  • Marital disputes

  • Partner or Shareholder disputes

  • Economic damages

  • Business valuation


From financial document discovery to litigation support and every step in between, FRA works with integrity and leaves no stone unturned. Our litigation consulting services include the following:

  • Consulting

  • Financial reports

  • Expert testimony

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Litigation Consulting Experience with Industries Including:

Financial Services

Hedge Funds

Private Equity Funds

Venture Capital Funds

Investment Management Companies

Investment Banking


Regional & National Dealerships

Professional Services

Law Firms, Physicians, Practices, Accounting Firms, Marketing Agencies, Architectural Firms, Consulting Firms





Oil & Gas


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